Nicholas Guarriello: "By completing college I can ensure that I will not face the challenges my father has endured."

Renee Leilani Richardson:“The College Education Milestone Foundation gave me the opportunity to access a diverse network of peers, mentors, and opportunity at college. College furthermore gave me the substructure to build my future. Due to skills and opportunity I was given in my undergrad career I am able to further advance my academics and pursue my wildest dreams. I am grateful that the CEM foundation gave me the opportunity to excel.”

Ryan Melcher: "This scholarship would greatly assist me in reducing my tuition payment, allowing me to put more focus on my school work and worry less about scrambling for money."

Nicolas Buono: "My parents have taught each of us that without a college education you will not succeed in this world."

Tanya Napolitano: "I see a college eduacation as a main priority in achieving my goals and dreams. With this scholarship, I can be one step closer in fulfilling my ambitions by getting the right college education."

Sophie Plaisir: "Hopes of attending college were always present and long behold have been met with years of hard work. Receiving this scholarship would mean fulfilling both my family's and my dream."

Justine Ford: "If I was to receive this scholarship, it would help not only me but my mother also. It would lift a burden off her shoulders and it will make her proud to see me become closer to my dreams."


1.   Eric Anderson

2.   Nicolas Buono

3.   Gordon Burrows

4.   Sarah Dean

5.   Samantha DeBellis

6.   Justine Ford

7. Alex Griffith...First CEM Scholarship Recipient!

8.  Nicholas Guarriello

9.   Nicolas Jacklett

10. Ryan Melcher

11. Kara Mendes

12. Matthew Murray

13. Tanya Napolitano

14. Kayla Natrella

15. Angela DiMartino

16. Sophie Plaisir

17. Renee Richardson

18. Pietro Russo

19. Stacey-Ann Sterling

20. David Vequari

21. Matt Villani

22. Chantelle Simon-Roach

23. Victoria DiFusco

24. Shelby Rakusin

25. Mary Colabattista

26. Ali Cain

27. Taylor Burrows

28.  Lauren Citraella

29. Alexis Hassiak

30. Grace Fairweather

31. Tira Affatato

32. Konrad Kulec

33. Desmond Li

34. Julissa Roman

35. Michael Simone

36. Shannon O'Connor

37. Jessica Smith

38. Adam Menken

39. Sarah Touey

40. Whitney Wood

41. Jessica Graham

42. Gabrielle Jimenez

43. Renee Leilani Richardson